Sparkling white wine Gigi


Coerced and pressured by my fellow theatre junkies to see this show, I went to it begrudgingly (I won the lottery — a great deal on their website) as I felt it was just the kind of show that tends to bore me on Broadway. The sweet pretty show that is easily forgettable because I am left unmoved emotionally, much like An American in Paris. Sorry to say, Loren. Give me a Fun Home, a Next to Normal, a Sondheim show, or a Spring Awakening any day over a beautiful show such as what I imagined I was walking into last week. And I can’t say I was entirely wrong.

It’s a beautifully done show. Gorgeously presented and performed (although I thought the set to be sometimes beautiful and sometimes cluttered and crowded). It’s like a festive glass of bubbly that tickles our throat and goes straight to our head. Vanessa Hudgens sings and looks charming and beautiful, although I found her character slightly annoying and petulant. The stand-outs to me are Corey Cott, who has a great lovely presence onstage beyond his fantastic voice and good looks, and the phenomenal Victoria Clark, who does no wrong in my eyes, even in lesser material such as this and the sweet pretty Cinderella. Her one big number, “Say a Prayer,” is the one moment in this show that I was transported.

This show is a great big bottle of bubbly, but for me, it’s not the same champagne that they devote a whole song to, but more like sparkling wine, not the cheapest but not the best either. It goes down happily, thoroughly enjoyable, but later, we reflect that it had a bit too much sugar and gave us a bit of a headache.



  1. Gigi is one of those classic experiences that gives you a sense of what audiences of old wanted out of their musical theater. I think our theater taste has evolved, but Lerner & Loewe’s score is captivating–songs like Gaston’s Soliloquy, Gigi, Say a Prayer, Thank Heaven, and It’s a Bore. It’s the jaunty, upbeat happiness in this show that attracts me. There’s definitely a place in theater for pure joyous entertainment like this. And Corey Cott is simply perfect as the young leading man. I loved this production. One of my favorites this season.


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