My One Year Old Baby Blog

44850b3b26d4a0af011fdf8b17c4bffaMy One Year Old Baby Blog

by Ross

One year ago today, my friend, Loren and I came up with an idea, not such a novel one, but a personal one: to start a blog and write about the thing we both love, theatre.  So on this day, we posted our first blog, about our mission, to write about all the plays and musicals that we are fortunate to be able to see here in New York City on Broadway and Off, in London, England, and any where else we find ourselves.  I must admit, I agreed to this idea, not so much because I had an ache or a desire to write blog reviews, but my dear friend, the professional writer, seemed to need a little push to get him back into the groove of writing.  And it worked, he started writing for the blog, and was really the fuel of the project.  Within a few days of me saying ‘yes’ to this idea, the blog was created on April 17th, 2015. Frontmezzjunkies had made its debut. And 100 blogs later, we have reached the one year anniversary.

Gypsy-Playbill-06-08My first blog was at the request of Loren.  He said something along the line of ‘It’s Patti Lupone’s birthday today, and knowing how much you love her, maybe you should write a blog about that, wishing her Happy Birthday, and telling our audience why you love her so much’.  And so I did on April 21, 2015 (click on the links to refresh your memory):

followed quickly the next day by my first blog review of the wonderfully naughty Hand to God:

photo01The thing I didn’t realize when I first said ‘yes’ was how much I would enjoy writing about theatre, and also, not to be a braggart or anything, but I did discover, much to my surprise, that I am pretty good at it.  I don’t tend to just write about what’s going on in the theatre world, I guess I think that is being covered very well by better connected sites and people, but putting my two cents in on what I think about a play or a musical that I just saw, seemed like something worthwhile, and fun.  I will say that at the end of a night, like tonight, I love closing up my laptop and knowing that I wrote a piece that I am proud of, and even though I find it challenging some times, it is a truly wonderful feeling; a feeling of great satisfaction and accompaniment.  Better then a night of watching Netflix or Hulu.
On that note, here are a few of my favorite theatrical presentations that I feel so fortunate to have seen and wrote about.  I’m not really saying these are the best written blogs, because who am I to say, but I loved these shows, and I love writing about shows that I really love.  So here goes:

The play, The Rules for Living, which I saw in London on my theater trip with one of my best friends, and best theatre buddy.  It was one of my favorite plays of this trip and maybe the year.  I’m looking forward to Theatrical London Trip 2 this coming July.

FUn Home

The Tony winning heart-breaking Fun Home

Dear Evan Hanson
(which I am thrilled is opening at Second Stage in a few weeks, not yet Broadway, but one can still hope)


The Lovely Spring Awakening


and the divine Whorl Inside a Loop

To name a few….

happy-birthday-cupcakeFrontmezzjunkies also accomplished my first goal, to get Loren back writing.  What I didn’t realize at the time is that this adventure would inspire him to write, not theatre blogs, but poetry.  So congrats to the poetry world, you have yourself a brilliant writer, and frontmezzjunkies lost one.

Now frontmezzjunkies is solely my blog, and mine alone.  Luckily I have a few friends who are kind enough to contribute every so often, (thank you Gus and Travis in London), but for the time being, frontmezzjunkies is just me, and I must say that I am proud of what it has evolved into and what it has accomplished.  I had no idea (although I must admit I secretly hoped) that it would grow as fast as it has in readership and that the readership would lead to comp tickets for theatre both on and off Broadway. For that I feel truly blessed and grateful.

6a00d8341c630a53ef01538e4158cd970bSo HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRONTMEZZJUNKIES!!! You are one year old, and as Tony Award season approaches, I am thrilled to say that I am just as excited to talk about who will be nominated and who will win as I was one year ago.  So let the games begin. And thank you all for reading, liking, sharing, retweeting, and enjoying.  I feel blessed.

twitter: @frontmezzjunkie

Facebook: @Frontmezzjunkies

and lastly, because I felt a bit like Sophie making an impossible choice, here are some images of other shows that I LOVED writing about.  check them out. and guess which shows they are all from. How many can you name out of these thirteen?


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