My Two Year Old Baby Blog


My Two Year Old Baby Blog

By Ross

In the year that has passed since I wrote my first year birthday blog (click here to give it a read), I have learned a great deal about the business of theatre and the press that covers it.  I learned so much about writing a blog, and writing about theatre.  For one, it took the helpful guidance of a few other blogs who post my reviews to teach me how to do a hyperlink.  I know that sounds silly, but what did I know? And I still don’t really understand what a ‘focus keyword’ is, or does, or what I should list.  Regardless, because of the helpful people at OutBuzz and Times Square Chronicles, my posts look better and are read far and wide. Wider than I could do on my own. Wider than I could ever imagine last year.


With thousands of more readers and visitors, has out performed my wildest dreams.  This past year has seen this blog change dramatically from a review-based posting of whatever theatre I could see (or afford), to getting invites and press passes to more theatre than I could ever attend on my own.  And I want to thank all of those at every theatrical press company that ever received any of my emails, and especially to those kind souls that responded.  I know my place in this theatrical press world, and by no means do I think my blog is so special to demand anything.  I am no New York Times reviewer, so my heartfelt thanks goes out to all that helped make this the most special year of theatre going that I can remember.

[3]_The cast of COME FROM AWAY

This past year, I have posted almost twice the number of theatrical reviews than the first year, and the theatre world has definitely taken over a good chunk of my life and my spare time. Just ask my friends, who are thankful that I get to invite them along on so many amazing performances, but who also find it more difficult to schedule free time with me outside of a theatre.  I’m either seeing a show or writing about one.  Or sleeping. Or doing my day job.  Which I still have two of those humming along beside me (I’m a personal trainer and a psychotherapist, for any of you who don’t know).

Sweeney Todd
SYNOPSIS: A barber who was unjustly imprisoned for years by a corrupt judge returns to England bent on revenge — a revenge that turns indiscriminately murderous, leading his resourcef

Some exciting things are in store for Year 3. When asked to submit a number of reviews for consideration for a few unique opportunities coming up (I’ll let you all know when I hear, as big changes are ahead, I think, I hope), I came up with this list.  I already submitted a preliminary list to get to the next round, but I need to resubmit in the summer. So I thought I’d share them with you.  I had to whittle it down to five, one per category, but here, there is no need.  Click on the name of the show to take you to the review, and let me know what you think.  Which review is the better read in each category?  Not which show you liked the most, but which review was written with a unique outlook or perspective. Which review made you think about a show in a different way? Which review is just pure crap?  It’s tricky, cause I certainly have my favorites, but is it because I loved the show, or what I said about it?  It’s hard to say. Tell me your votes.

Heisenberg New York City Center – Stage II Cast List: Mary-Louise Parker Denis Arndt Production Credits: Mark Brokaw (director) Other Credits: Written by:
One broadway play
Dear Evan Hansen
One Broadway musical 
Love, Love, Love at the Roundabout
One off Broadway play
The Band's Visit Band
One off Broadway musical
A Streetcar Named Desire at St. Ann’s Warehouse
One Brooklyn/off off show


The Tempest at St. Ann’s Warehouse

Which ones do you think are your favorites? I’d be thrilled to hear your opinion.  And below are some images of my favorite performances over the past year.  Can you guess what shows they are from?

Stay tuned.  A lot is in store for year number three of frontmezzjunkies!


  1. Congratulations. It is a wonderful blog which let’s me feel like I have seen far more theatre than I have.
    I always enjoy reading each post and your thoughts , opinions and turn of phrase. Keep it up! May it only grow bigger and better!!


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