Broad Comedy: Girl Power in a Time of Need

Broad Comedy NYC Cast Logo

Broad Comedy: Girl Power in a Time of Need

By Ross
There’s a fun gang of talented gals cracking up their audiences at Soho Playhouse with Broad Comedy, their politically fueled collection of songs and skits. And if, for some insane reason, you are an #OrangeMonster supporter, a Republican, or a male chauvinist pussy grabber, you probably should stay clear of this very funny show (and you should probably not be reading many of my theatrical reviews either, or come anywhere close to me or these five talented women, for that matter) as this shows jabs at all that political crap that’s been smelling up the air for years now (ever since that awful man descended that escalator). But their agenda is not just limited to the GOP. Their comedy show has bigger goals than just that. The smart and riotous performers Katie Goodman, Danielle Cohn, Molly Kelleher, Tana Sirois, and Carlota Victoria make up this daring crew that take on all topics female beginning with boobs to motherhood and back to the relationship between a penis and a vagina. No holds barred (although I did wonder my Victoria’s boob wasn’t black, but creamy white/pink just like all the others).
Tana Sirois, Carlita Victoria, Danielle Cohn, Brave Audience Member, Molly Kelleher, Katie Goodman. 
check out #KatieGoodman singing “I Didn’t F*ck It Up”
As written and directed by Sonia Kissel and the gloriously gifted Goodman, this sketch comedy troupe casts its net wide and far reaching and generally they catch their prey pretty spot on, especially the quick and shorter songs that hit their target solidly and than end on a jab (“Probably Gay”, “Peeing A Little”, “Coffee in my…”).  The skits do sometimes drag on a bit here and there (“Vaginas Like Us”, “Empty Nest”), but I always found a laugh in there somewhere even during the more ridiculous ones. And there was plenty of brilliantly sharp ones too (“Sorry Babe,..”, “I.C.E. I.C.E. Baby”, “Time to Say Goodbye..”) Each of the ladies gets a chance to showcase their vocal chops proudly and play in the land of social commentary. The writing is sharp and powerfully funny. And in this time of troubling news constantly being tossed our way, some levity and smart humor is exactly the right medicine. And I swear, I Didn’t F*ck It Up, did you?

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