Tony Picks — Featured Actress in a Play or Musical

Victoria Clark, Gigi

We’re back again with more Tony picks, this time for featured actress in both a play and a musical. The actresses from Fun Home are dominating the musical category, making up three of the five nominees. The question there is whether they’ll end up splitting the majority of votes allowing for Victoria Clark from Gigi or Ruthie Ann Miles from The King and I to breakthrough.

As always, these are just our picks. They’re not necessarily meant to be predictions, unless, of course, one of them wins. In which case, we’ll say, “I told you so.”

Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play

The Nominees:
Annaleigh Ashford, You Can’t Take It with You
Patricia Clarkson, The Elephant Man
Lydia Leonard, Wolf Hall Parts One & Two
Sarah Stiles, Hand to God
Julie White, Airline Highway

Loren’s Pick: Annaleigh Ashford, You Can’t Take It with You
Ross’s Pick: Sarah Stiles, Hand to God

Loren Says: “Ross and I saw You Can’t Take it With You shortly after I arrived back in NYC from Hawaii, and one of the highlights of that show was Annaleigh Ashford as the quirky, dancer-wannabe Essie Carmichael. Annaleigh avoids the trap of over playing Essie’s childishness, and makes you believe in her earnest desire to be a ballerina, even though she sucks at dancing. The woman knows how to bring the laughs. I was torn between her and Sarah Stiles from Hand to God, another comedic genius in a quirky role. But I’m giving it to Annaleigh.”

Ross Says: “I think, if i was trying to predict a winner, I would go with Annaleigh, but I’m hoping that the wonderfully skilled actress, Sarah Stiles grabs that award for playing such an interesting and quirky role so beautifully. She really was my favorite thing in that play, besides the play itself.”

Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical

The Nominees:
Victoria Clark, Gigi
Judy Kuhn, Fun Home
Sydney Lucas, Fun Home
Ruthie Ann Miles, The King and I
Emily Skeggs, Fun Home

Loren’s Pick: Victoria Clark, Gigi
Ross’s Pick: Emily Skeggs, Fun Home

Loren Says: “This is a hard category for me, because I love all the actresses from Fun Home so much. Sydney Lucas, especially, who plays young Allison, stole my heart with her soliloquy ‘Ring of Keys.’ Even so, I’m throwing my support behind veteran stage actress Victoria Clark, who plays Mamita in Gigi. Her 11th hour stunner of a song ‘Say a Prayer for Her’ is worth the price of admission. I was left teary eyed and breathless by the end of that number. Of course, I’m wishing the Fun Home women luck. I’d be elated to see any of them walk away with a Tony, and one of them just might.”

Ross Says: “I do believe in the end, the ladies of Fun Home will split the vote giving Victoria Clark, from what I hear (as I haven’t seen Gigi yet), a well deserved Tony Award, but there was something so sweet and awkward about Middle Allison that made her my favorite. When Emily Skeggs sang “Changing my Major” I was filled with excitement and joy for her awakening. ‘Ring of Keys’ by Small Allison was also such a wonderful moment of intense knowingness, which made me love Sydney Lucas just as much, so you see, like the Tony voters, my vote is split. Congrats Victoria.”

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