Streaming the Intoxicatingly Mixed Nutcracker Rouge Weekly

Jacoby Pruitt, Jourdan Epstein, Pretty Lamé / Spanish Chocolate served for Nutcracker Rouge. Photo by Alexander Sargent.

The Streaming Experience: Company XIV’s Nutcracker Rouge Cocktails & Burlesque at Home

By Ross

If you are in the need of some sexy uplifting of your holiday spirits, and I mean the kind that come in a bottle or fancy cocktail glass, shaken, or stirred by a scantily clad barkeep (and really, who doesn’t these days), Company XIV might just have the ticket for you. It’s not just in the guise of one boozy night, but a weekly streamed sip of lusciousness with a chaser of delectable eye candied adventure, delivered direct to your door in the form of a curated cocktail kit, matched with some filmed risque interludes for your holiday pleasure. It’s well crafted taste of Burlesque with matching cocktails, all designed with a wink and a sexy grin to bring the holiday party into your living room every week.

Nicholas Katen, Nolan McKew / Lady Licorice served for Nutcracker Rouge. Photo by Alexander Sargent.

Fans of Company XIV will rejoice with the high and low-brow concoction that blends Cirque-sensuality with divine decadence and a dash of edible glitter. Conceived, choreographed and directed by Austin McCormick, these deliciously intoxicating slices of reimagined naughty ballets and twisted adult fairy tales that make up the entertaining Nutcracker Rouge Cocktails & Burlesque at Home deliver the goods impeccably. Finding their way into your home every week, the snippets will most determinedly shake up your evening with a delightful stir and a sexy pout by an enticingly clad bartender and an diabolically crafted act that will surely curl your toes with pleasure, both from the delicious visuals and the enlivened taste buds.

When plans for the 10th anniversary production of Nutcracker Rouge were sidelined by the pandemic, the company set their eyes and lips on a way to bring their brand of holiday pleasure to the isolated and reluctantly homebound. With a high level of achievement, they found a way to record eight brand new acts at Théâtre XIV, their current home in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and quite ingeniously aligned them with a signature cocktail that would delight all of our senses in one quick gulp. The first of these acts, featuring resident opera-singing aerialist, Marcy “Operagaga” Richardson, premiered on Thanksgiving Day (November 26), with subsequent acts featuring circus, singing and sultry burlesque being released weekly up through New Year’s Eve (December 31). Get ready for some deliciousness served up on the rocks.

Marcy Richardson / Candied Violet served for Nutcracker Rouge. Photo by Alexander Sargent.

The talented cast, including Erin Dillon, Jourdan Epstein, Christine Flores, Nicholas Katen, LEXXE, Lilin, Troy Lingelbach, Pretty Lamé, Brandon Looney, Laszlo Major, Nolan McKew, Jacoby Pruitt, Demi Remick, Marcy Richardson, Scott Schneider, Chanel Stone, Hannah Straney, Sam Urdang and Marcos Antonio Vasquez, delivers their signature spins with aplomb. I have only had the extreme pleasure of ingesting the first two, and from what I saw, I am gathering, the creative team, that includes Tobin Del Cuore, IMAGINATION + MUSCLE (Video Co-Director & Video Editor), Zane Pihlstrom (Costume & Scenic Design), Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew (Lighting Design) and Sarah Cimino (Makeup Design). Mixology by Austin McCormick, have hand delivered these intoxicating precise wonders as deliciously as the cocktails that line up before the acts. Paired to perfection, I just wanna have each and every one, and that goes for the yummy sounding cocktails as well.

Bartender: Jacoby Pruitt, Cocktail: Red Velvet served for Nutcracker Rouge. Photo by Alexander Sargent.

McCormick, Founder and Artistic Director of Company XIV, has curated an ultra-luxe cocktail kit to accompany each and every performance, shipped directly to their eager patrons at home. The kit includes bespoke cocktail recipes, gold-plated barware, a collection of garnishes and bitters, and 24 premium spirits, liqueurs, champagne and wine. Sensual cocktail lessons taught by the beauties of XIV will be released alongside each act. Company XIV has also launched an online gift shoppe featuring lace masks, pasties, riding crops and frankincense incense–the signature scent of Théâtre XIV. How can one resist the temptation?

For more info on the packages & to purchase visit

Lilin, LEXXE / Red Velvet served for Nutcracker Rouge. Photo by Alexander Sargent.

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