Kristin belts out a winner, but is it winning enough…

2364-1What a frothy festive feast of fun we are given by Kristin Chenoweth and cohorts in Roundabout’s production of On The Twentieth Century directed by Scott Ellis. It’s an energetic madcap riot of desire, narcissism, and a drive for love and fame with big laughs and even bigger voices. As the train rolls along its Chicago to NYC route we happily  join the ride and watch these broadway professionals do what it seems they were born to do: have fun, ham it up, entertain us, and sing like no other.


Kristin Chenoweth has a voice that no train could stop, she’s funny, endearing, and pitch perfect. She is matched with the charming duo of handsome men trying to woo her using each of their personal attributes, Peter Gallagher’s charm and wit, and Andy Karl’s muscles and good looks, both with spectacular voices and some great funny moments. At the very least, they both win our hearts in the end.


I can’t say that this is a favorite type of show for me. It lines up with American in Paris the lessor, On The Town, and possibly, Gigi, although I must admit, I have not seen it yet.  This show has enough talent to win me over in the moment, forget my troubles, and make me happy, but I do tend to like to leave the theatre a bit more moved emotionally, but that’s just me. I left smiling though. And happy that I took that fun ride to NYC. Bravo Kristin. Now can you beat Kelli for Tony gold.


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