Tony Winners and Nominations 2016: My Ballot/Predictions

And the winners are….

I predicted 16/24 correctly. Not great, compared to last year when I only got one wrong, and this in the year of #Hamilton, which made it easy (and sometimes difficult to pick) but here ya go:

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Tony Winners and Nominations for Broadway 2016: My Ballot/Predictions
Nominations for the 2016 American Theatre Wing’s Tony Awards®

At the end of May, the Tony Award nominations were announced for the Broadway theatre season 2016, and I was holding my breath for each category as the rolled them out starting at 8:30am.

There were a number of surprises, such as the record breaking 16 nominations for Hamilton and the sad few nominations received by Tuck Everlasting, (only one for Gregg Barnes/Costume Design) . Surprised that Waitress only got 4 nominations, but happy for Bright Star that received 5.  Not bothered at all that American Psycho only got 2, I didn’t really care for it at all, same with single nominees, Disaster!, Therese Raquin, Hughie, On Your Feet!, Misery, and Dames at Sea.  Glad for the strong but small group of great original plays, King Charles III (with 5), Eclipsed

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