The Outer Space: Space Depression Far Far Away in Joe’s Pub

The-Outer-Space-Key-ArtrsThe Outer Space: Space Depression Far Far Away in Joe’s Pub

By Ross

The Outer Space is a unique and surprising science fiction musical performed by a fantastic four person band. The three musicians (the immensely talented Saxophone/Keyboard/Vocals: Vito Dieterle; Guitar/Keyboards/Beats/Vocals: Eben Levy; Bass/Keyboards/Vocals Ian M. Riggs) along with the narrator and lead vocal performer, Ethan Lipton (Book & Lyrics) have composed such a simple and absolutely charming tale.  It tells the story of a couple who have some serious personality differences, try to make a new life for themselves in a newly purchased used spaceship.  They fly the days away living on their spacecraft, doing chores, and spending time visiting with the neighbors who are flying along side them in a traveling colony far far away from planet Earth.

Directed by Leigh Silverman, this trippy captivating piece is drenched with humor and a folky charm. Lipton leads us down the most charming path through discovery and exploration with his beautiful voice and fun eccentric style. It is most certainly a “Big Adventure in the Sky“, as these two very polar opposite souls deal with the concept of getting away from it all.  The writing is wonderfully witty, abstract, and smart.  The non-sensical imagery that Lipton creates with his wacky hilarious delivery and wonderful honky tonk sound is a joyous experience to behold.  Jump on board for this original existential crisis in space.  Although, I must say, the lyrics for the dog song needs some work, OK?


The Outer Space at Joe’s Pub, Public Theater.

Book and Lyrics: Ethan Lipton; Music composed and performed by Ethan Lipton, Vito Dieterle, Eben Levy, Ian M. Riggs; Directed by Leigh Silverman; Scenic and Costume Design: David Zinn; Lighting Design: Ben Stanton; Sound Design: Nicholas Pope; Production Stage Manager: Shelley Miles.

Here’s a sample of Ethan Lipton singing a song from No Place to Go:



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